How do you make the most of your little bit of Eden? Here are some resources to help you.

Many of our properties have generous gardens. Our residents are responsible for keeping these spaces clean and tidy. It’s a rich and rewarding experience, though some gardens may be more challenging than others.

If cannot do all the maintenance and pay for assistance, a grant of £250 per year may be available from the Methodist Church’s Fund for the Support of Presbyters & Deacons (FSPD).

Contact MMHS for an application form.

We are responsible for the management of ‘forest’-type trees. These include oak, silver birch, conifers (generally), ash, horse chestnut, rowan, flowering cherry and willow. Just keep us informed of the condition/size of such trees and any tree preservation orders affecting Society properties.

Most of all, make sure you enjoy your green space! (Photo of garden sign in Cardiff: Mike Erskine on Unsplash)