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Our residents have cared for others. Now we care for them in their well-earned retirement.

'It feels like a dream. But it’s real. I’ve never lived anywhere as nice as this.'

Our residents have cared for others. Now we care for them in their well-earned retirement. And we’ve been delivering that service since 1948.

The Methodist Ministers’ Housing Society provides housing for retiring Methodist presbyters and deacons. We also provide housing for their widowed partners and for ministers retiring on health grounds.

Based in London, the Society is run by a professionally qualified, talented and hard-working team led by the Chief Executive, who reports to the Board. MMHS is a registered charity nos. 1186758 (England and Wales) and SC050661 (Scotland) and a company limited by guarantee no. 11929754.

We’re ready to serve those who make their home with us.

Our Vision

‘We had no money put away,’ a resident told us. ‘We’d never owned our own house. I was completely at the mercy of the Society. They were very, very kind.’

That’s all down to our vision, which reflects that of the early church in Acts 4:34 – ‘There was not a single person in need among them’.

This vision inspires us to meet the housing needs of retired Methodist ministers of limited means, and their spouses, and their widows and widowers.

We also offer support for their wellbeing in the key areas of mobility and independence.

Our concern is to show high standards of care and professionalism. We are proud of our Christian distinctiveness, which underpins who we are and what we do.

As our resident said, ‘I couldn’t have done it without them’.

Our History

Seeds of hope were sown amid the ashes of World War II. Exciting new social initiatives emerged – including the Methodist Ministers’ Housing Society.

Manor House

MMHS was formed at the same time as other major transformative movements like the first comprehensive schools, the London Co-operative Society and the National Health Service.

In 1948, food was rationed, there was an economic crisis, a fuel shortage – and hunger for housing. MMHS came about to care for those who cared for others – and give retiring ministers a home of their own.

Our work started with a gift – The Manor House, Derbyshire, was donated to the Society. More properties were added. Now we have approaching 1,000 houses and flats, from the Channel Islands to the north of Scotland.

The team has grown, too. For instance, in 1999, six staff huddled round one PC and a laptop. Now we have a 16-strong team – equipped with the latest technology to deliver a caring and professional service to hundreds of residents.

We continue to sow those same seeds of hope. One of our residents, Mannie, grew up in South Africa’s cruel apartheid regime. Now he and wife Lynn enjoy the peace of an MMHS property. They cherish it as their family home.

‘It is very good to be free in your house,’ said Mannie. ‘We still look at each other and say, “Isn’t this lovely”.’

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Our Core Staff Team

Mairi Johnstone

Chief Executive

Our Trustees


Ms Kate Andrews

Mr Chris Appleton

Mr Alex Campbell OBE

Revd Dr Marion Cole

Ms Sharon Green

Ms Abi Labbett

Revd Paul Martin

Mr Richard Myers



Revd Alan Taylor, Chair