If the pipes are calling, it might not be a sweet melody. It might be a dirty noise. Let's see how we can help...

'The property has been beautifully renovated to meet our needs'

From plugging leaks to filling cracks, keeping your home in good shape is important to us. As one resident told us, ‘The property has been beautifully renovated to meet our needs’. We provide a grant towards decorating your home when you move in. After that, we share responsibilities for external and internal maintenance with you.


We offer services that are:

  • responsive – when a problem arises, we fix it;
  • planned – properties maintained to a high standard;
  • programmed – this includes external decoration.

For enquiries during office hours:

  • phone 020 3848 6020;
  • for gas, press option 1;
  • for property matters, choose option 2 (or email;
  • for finance, press option 3 (or email;
  • for anything else, choose 4 (or email;
  • to repeat these options, press star.

For enquiries outside office hours:

  • phone 020 3848 6020;
  • for gas emergencies, press option 1;
  • for non-emergencies, you can choose option 2 to leave a message.

Our normal office opening hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, except
Bank Holidays.

If you choose the gas option, your call will be automatically directed to our gas
contractor’s call centre. You can share with them whatever your concerns are, about
the gas supply to your MMHS home.

For roof, locks or glazing emergency, find a local contractor and arrange for works up to a maximum of £250 to make your property safe. Further work required should be reported to MMHS.

You can find full details about repairs and maintenance in the Residents’ Handbook. Please complete our online questionnaire following any repair.

We’ll do everything we can to make your home shape up nicely and your pipes sound sweet.