Cool to be kind

Be kind, get connected and do some colouring – those are just some of the practical things-to-do for Mental Health …

The forgotten frontline

We hear of the Coronavirus crisis in hospitals, not care homes. The ‘second frontline’ of the Covid-19 war slips quietly …

How to connect in a crisis

Lockdown loneliness has attracted a crowd of helpers – including churches, charities and a Government secretary. The Methodist Church is …

contact amid CORONA concern  

Our correspondent Rachel Dawson writes of family togetherness through tough times. ‘My cousin set up a Facebook family page,’ said Rachel, ‘a new thing for us.’ Also in the latest Roof ‘n’ Roots :

  • Coronavirus advice for your wellbeing;
  • take care amid the gardening boom;
  • set up assisted bin collections;
  • a couple returned to Methodism.


Our friends at Methodist Homes (MHA) have launched a petition calling for ‘the correct and necessary’ PPE within the care sector.

Join them in putting pressure on the Government and Prime Minister Boris Johnson so they can ensure this ‘second frontline’ are equipped with all the tools they need to safely do their job.