How do you get a home for your retirement? If you’re a Methodist minister, or know of one, you might want to start with us.

Please read this supporting text before downloading and completing the application form.

Our mission is to meet the housing needs of retired Methodist ministers of limited means, and their spouses, and their widows and widowers. We also offer support for their wellbeing in the key areas of mobility and independence.

Our ministers have cared for others. Now we have the opportunity to care for them in their well-earned retirement.

They have been pastors, teachers and community activists – and continue to be that in their localities. We want to provide a place for them, where they can be whatever they want to be at this time in their lives.

The Society follows the advice of John Wesley, who believed in caring for the whole person, and encouraged ministers to look after themselves. ‘You won’t be able to carry on your ministry unless you take care of yourself,’ he said. MMHS is a partner in that process.

Who can make their home with us?

Presbyters and deacons on retirement – including those retiring for medical reasons – can approach MMHS for assistance.

Ministers must have served ten years in full-time ministry to qualify, subject to some permitted exceptions. The normal requirement is a minimum of ten years in full-time ministry, in the 20-year period prior to retirement.

Where an applicant retires on medical grounds, the number of years’ service will include any years predicted to be worked as a presbyter or deacon. If you’re retiring on medical grounds and need our help, contact us when your retirement has been approved.

We also provide assistance to the spouse or partner of a minister who dies in active service. Their entitlement is based on the expectation that had the minister lived, they would have met the requirement on length of service. All other eligibility criteria will apply.

If you meet our eligibility criteria and would like to apply for the tenancy of one of our properties, feel free to contact us as soon as possible. We like to hear from ministers up to five years before they retire.

We’ll start by inviting you to meet us for a chat about your needs and preferences. We’ll send you an application form and contact you again in the months following to arrange to meet and discuss how we can best serve you. You can also download the New Applicant Form here.

‘Many of us nearing retirement would be very worried if the Society wasn’t there,’ said one resident. We aim to be there for you.