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How do you keep in contact amid Coronavirus? One extended family found an answer. Our own correspondent Rachel Dawson shares the story. ‘My cousin set up a Facebook family page,’ said Rachel, ‘a totally new thing for us – but quite easy.’ Plus there’s more content to encourage you in the latest Roof ‘n’ Roots:

  • Coronavirus advice for your wellbeing;
  • how to take care amid the new gardening boom;
  • how to set up assisted bin collections;
  • the story of one couple who found healing and a way back to Methodism.



Revd Richard Teal – a long-serving member of our board – has become President Elect of the Methodist Conference! We’re so proud of our Richard, we asked him to share his story. We also discovered that one of our residents, Revd Joyce Barrass, was one of the first UK Methodist mission partners to Bolivia. It’s humbling how much treasure we have as a housing charity. Here are more contents:

  • how an old oak wardrobe magically became a clock;
  • home care tips;
  • a reflection for winter relaxation;
  • practical ways to keep warm this season.


Whatever happened to summer? Hopefully the sun shines on you as you open up the latest edition of Roof ‘n’ Roots. There’s enough content to keep you enlightened and entertained on those lazy, hazy days.

Here are just some of the highlights of our news publication:

  • an island girl who was made for mission;
  • latest news on our residents’ survey;
  • how woodland walks can boost your wellbeing;
  • an indepth look into our new prayer resource Octave;
  • share your views on robots in the home.


Spring has come! The late great Leonard Cohen said it ‘sneaks…into our villages, between our birch trees’. Amid the sights and scents of the season, and in the shade of big, bright, beautiful blossoms, comes the latest edition of Roof ‘n’ Roots.

Here are just some of the highlights:

  • a love story that lived under apartheid;
  • the background to one of our beautiful kitchens;
  • our own ‘game of thrones’ as we renovate a bathroom;
  • how photography can enhance your wellbeing;
  • your view on how well we are doing.


Christmas is coming – which means the winter edition of Roof ‘n’ Roots is here! We’re rounding off our eventful 70th anniversary year with reading material designed to inform, encourage and inspire you. 

Here’s a look at some of the content:

  • how David and Joyce Millington hosted an MMHS birthday service;
  • meet the man who crafted worship materials for our anniversary year;
  • an MMHS resident shares healing hope for people struggling with depression;
  • latest update on our recent residents’ survey;
  • how a Methodist civil rights hero rocked the new Doctor Who series.


Summer came with a vengeance! We hope you’ve been enjoying the warm weather in safety and comfort. Meanwhile, we’ve been celebrating our 70th anniversary in wild and wonderful ways – including a bumper eight-page edition of Roof ‘n’ Roots!

Here’s a look at some of the content:

  • an MMHS resident celebrating his 100th birthday in our 70th year;
  • meet the new Chair of our board, who led the ‘Pink Floyd’ of brass bands;
  • how ‘Robo-Crop’ has changed the lives of two of our residents;
  • bless your home with a special edition of a popular prayer book;
  • how to make the most of our free worship resources for you and your church.


After what seems like the longest winter in living memory, we hope spring has finally sprung. But one thing is for certain – the latest edition of Roof ‘n’ Roots is out!

We hope our newsletter arrives like a ray of sunshine, offering comfort and inspiration to our residents. Here are just some of the contents:

  • Society resident Revd Mary Randle publishes her story and helps MMHS;
  • why gas safety checks are vital and how to help make them happen;
  • our most recent Board Chair Ros Peedle shares her story;
  • how to make sure your gutters are great;
  • special extract from a past sermon by the late Revd Alan Ashton.





Winter 2017

While storms lashed these islands – followed by the worst snowfall in seven years – Roof ‘n’ Roots has been falling on doormats across the country.

Offering comfort and encouragement to our residents, here is a sample of the heart-warming content in our winter edition:

  • how Society resident and author Revd Barrie Tabraham found a place of peace;
  • why customer satisfaction is at an all-time high for the Society;
  • the launch of our new service for your wellbeing;
  • how fire safety is high on our agenda;
  • Revd Dr Neil Richardson on why God is willing to take up residence in our hearts and homes.




Summer 2017

It’s ‘happy birthday’ to Roof ‘n’ Roots – as the official newsletter of MMHS celebrates its first year!

While the Methodist Conference was getting underway in Birmingham, the Summer 2017 edition was already landing on residents’ doormats. Contents include:

  • MMHS board chair Debbie Faulkner reflects on a mandate to serve;
  • how Revd Pat Billsborrow heard a divine call as a little girl;
  • what you need to know about traders at your door;
  • Revd Heather Walker on the power of hospitality;
  • and other information in the MMHS newsletter!

Spring 2017

roof n roots spring 17 front cover extract - 1Sabre rattling over Gibraltar. Mary Poppins being remade. Rising costs of commuting. It’s all been a mixed bag of news from the wider world in the recent beautiful spring weather. Thankfully, the latest edition of Roof ‘n’ Roots offers much more with its heart-warming blend of people stories and practical advice:

  • how Society resident Revd Neville Pugh makes time – literally;
  • welcome to new Methodist pensions manager Meena Tooray;
  • how to sort out those annoying practical problems around your home;
  • the Methodist dancer who inspired award-winning film La La Land;
  • how to bless your home using The Methodist Worship Book.