We can help you enhance your home

Last Updated: December 21, 2020 This post was written by Clive Price
Young man in dungarees with stepladders and a paint roller

For the first time ever, MMHS residents who struggle with home decorating can apply for financial help – direct from the Society.

Here at MMHS we’ve launched a unique £100,000 fund to help our more vulnerable residents enhance their home with the new Internal Decoration Grant scheme. 

Residents can put their grant towards some redecoration

This funding is for householders who may not be able to maintain their property to a decent standard without friends, family or finance companies helping out.

Our responsibilities as landlord do not cover internal decoration. That is something our residents have to manage for themselves. 

However, some residents struggle with this – physically and financially. We decided to set aside a pot of money this year to help them. Residents can put a grant towards some redecoration. 

This is different to the external decorating programme. That is our responsibility as landlord to maintain the external fabric of our properties.

The grant has a maximum level of £1,000 per household

The Internal Decoration Grant has a maximum level of £1,000 per household and will only be available to those with savings of less than £50,000* (see update below). It will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the fund is exhausted, the scheme will close.

If you feel you fall into this category and wish to take advantage of this scheme, please complete an application form which you can find here on the MMHS website. The intention is to carry out these decorations through 2021. 

*IMPORTANT UPDATE: The criteria for applicants has changed. The Internal Decoration Grant is now available to ministerial residents in MMHS homes whose gross household income is less than £20,000 per year.