Residents back the bulletin

Last Updated: September 5, 2016 This post was written by Clive Price

Positive feedback has almost gone through the roof for a new publication launched by the Methodist Ministers’ Housing Society.


Residents have made an overwhelming response to ‘Roof “N” Roots’, the Society’s quarterly bulletin that was presented to people attending this year’s Methodist Conference. Free print copies were distributed from the MMHS exhibition stand. An electronic edition was given away on memory sticks.

Householders emailed the London office, saying how they loved being able to see pictures of some of the MMHS staff they’d only ever spoken to over the phone. Others spoke to Society staff at the MMHS Conference stand.

‘Congratulations on an excellent newsletter,’ said one couple. ‘It enabled tenants to link staff members’ names with faces – in addition to supplying helpful information.’

The couple felt the publication had ‘an air of assurance and care’ as well as ‘articles of wider interest’. They believed the traditional print format would be appreciated by householders without computers.

‘We also welcome the return of the newsletter as renewing a valuable link between the Society office and the tenants,’ they said. ‘It’s been missed over recent years, and its return is a sign of the restoration of communication to the benefit of us all – and the well-being of the Society.’


Another householder described ‘Roof “N” Roots’ as ‘a tonic’. He said the publication is welcomed as ‘a personal communication by word and photograph’ that is ‘pastorally helpful’. He liked the reflective piece by board member Revd Dr John Harrod and the introduction by CEO Mairi Johnstone.

Expressing her thanks for ‘Roof “N” Roots’, yet another resident said it was ‘particularly interesting’ to see photographs of the property team. ‘It’s good to be able to picture the human beings we need to contact from time to time,’ she added. (Pictured – Society tenant and past Conference President Baroness Kathleen Richardson was among the many visitors to the MMHS stand. Her story featured in the launch edition of ‘Roof “N” Roots’. Photo: Clive Price)