How to survive a bathroom refurb

Last Updated: February 28, 2017 This post was written by Clive Price

It became a friendly neighbourhood joke to ask Joyce Peacock when would she cut the ribbon to celebrate her brand new bathroom.

That’s because Joyce is so delighted with work on her MMHS home near Bournemouth. ‘It’s been beautifully done,’ she said. Joyce had coped with vintage ablutions in her home for some time. Enough was enough – despite the disruption that replacing the bathroom would cause.


‘I was hesitant because I’m 84 – and it’s a lot of upheaval,’ she said. ‘But I had to do something about it.’ The Society replaced her retro restroom with an electric shower, low-level tray and screen, toilet, sink with vanity unit, tiling, handrails and safety floor. They also added a basin to a WC.

It was a few weeks’ work. But Joyce found the workmen ‘very nice and very respectful to me’, allaying her fears. ‘They did what they could to minimise the mess,’ she added.

Joyce has some advice to give other MMHS residents who may be reluctant about major works. ‘You need to go with it,’ she said, ‘rather than fretting about how long it’s going to take or how much mess it’s going to make.’

She realised there was a pattern to the project. ‘On the first day or two it’s exciting, and everything moves fast,’ said Joyce. ‘Then you get to the next stage, and you think, “Should I have gone for this?” But at the end of the work, it’s nice. You’re pleased with it.’


Joyce encouraged other residents to ‘keep optimistic’ with such refurbishments. ‘For days afterwards, I was going in to the bathroom, looking at it and saying, “Is this really mine?”’

Property Services Director Godfried Addo remembered how Joyce had ‘grave concerns’ about the project. ‘However, she’s now “over the moon” about the resulting improvement and its positive impact on her well being,’ he said.

‘And the property team feel flushed with success!’