Rocking the pandemic with heavy metal church

Last Updated: May 11, 2022 This post was written by Clive Price

A heavy metal prayer service rocked the pandemic when it became ‘church’ for many people online. 

The story of ‘Metal Compline’ has become the subject of a three-part video series and a news feature by the Methodist Ministers’ Housing Society. 

Metal Compline is liturgy and music in heavy rock style

Offered on Facebook and YouTube during lockdown, ‘Metal Compline’ consists of liturgy and music in ‘heavy’ rock style.

The electronic service was created by Methodist minister Revd James Morley – son of longstanding Society resident Revd Barrie Morley.

James shares the story of his unusual ministry – and Barrie offers a Wesleyan-style apologetic for the unusual programme – in the spring 2022 edition of Roof ‘n’ Roots, which has been distributed to MMHS residents across the UK. Their interview has also been made into a video series. 

‘It was very important’

‘During the first big lockdown, I thought, what would a “heavy metal” compline look like?’ said James, who looks after three churches in Derbyshire. He decided to find out – and created the online experience – which continues today. 

‘It did draw folk,’ said his father Barrie, ‘particularly when there was no physical “being together”. It was very important.’ Made by Peter Wooding Productions for MMHS, the first part of the video series Dad, Lad And Distorted Guitars can be viewed now on the Society’s website or on YouTube.