Free guide helps you escape isolation

Last Updated: July 14, 2021 This post was written by Clive Price

Easing lockdown may bring an end to the isolation some people have felt during the pandemic – but loneliness could remain a challenge for others.

To help them, national charity Independent Age have produced a free advice guide called If You’re Feeling Lonely. The 40-page publication is packed with practical ideas on how we can all stay connected in our later years.

‘I have to keep myself busy…that’s the answer for all of us’

Nine helpful chapters look at such issues as – why am I lonely, ways to stay in touch, learning to be alone and helping others. Quotes are shared about real life experiences.

‘I’ve realised that when I have nothing to do, I sit and think – and then I feel lonely,’ said John, one of those who share their stories. ‘I know now I have to keep myself busy. I do believe that’s the answer for all of us.’

Another contributor to the guide said their path out of isolation started by attending a coffee morning: ‘I felt like for the first time in 20 years I’d actually laughed! I had a smile. And I thought, this is brilliant – you know, maybe my wish is coming true’.

A special section is included on loneliness and Covid. Computers are recommended as one way of connecting with others – and our own collaborative friends AbilityNet are featured.

‘Instead of watching television…I’m sat talking to friends online’

Hazel shares her experience in this area. She bought her first computer 13 years ago after her husband died.

‘I was feeling a bit lonely and my daughter suggested I get a computer,’ said Hazel. ‘I took computer courses through my local council. I went partly for the company, but mainly because I like learning new things.

‘It’s made a great difference because instead of just sitting at home watching television every night, I’m sat talking to friends online.’

If you’re feeling lonely – or know someone else who might be – Independent Age believe their guide may help you find ways to feel more connected. You can download a free PDF or order a print copy here. (Photo: Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash)