Selecting your Home

We want you to find a home where you’ll be happy. It’s a big decision, so here we’ve outlined how it works and suggested some things you might want to think about.

Existing property or new purchase?

At the moment we’re very unlikely to buy more properties, owing to the difficult housing market. If we do advise you that we can make a purchase, you can start to look for somewhere in your chosen area. However, you’re more likely to be offered a house that we already own.

The first step

Start by letting us know the area you’d like to live in, and we’ll send you a list of our available properties. Tell us which ones you like the look of and we’ll arrange for you to visit them.

Thinking about the property

When you’re looking round a property, try to imagine actually living in it. Will your furniture fit? What’s the storage space like? Will the stairs be manageable in the years to come?

Thinking about the location

Is the property close to local amenities? What’s the public transport like? Will you be near your family, friends or church?

Next steps

Once you’ve found an existing property you like, we’ll accompany you on a second visit and discuss any work that the property might need.

When everything’s ready, we’ll hand over the keys and you can settle into your new home.

You’ll find full details in our overview “Choosing Your Home For Retirement”

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