New Applicants’ FAQs

1. How long before retirement do I need to apply?

You need to apply 18 months before your retirement date, ready for the following July /August.

2. Will the Society provide me with a house overseas?

No, the Society can only offer properties in the UK.

3. Can I have a joint tenancy with my spouse or partner?

Yes you can have a joint tenancy with a spouse or partner.

4. Can I have a joint tenancy with my son or daughter?

No, that is not possible.

5. Do I need to give details of my savings and future income after retirement?

Yes, we request your savings information from you at your interview. Currently the Society does not request any information about your current or future Income.

6. Can I have an equity share in my new home?

Yes, an equity share is compulsory if you currently have over the minimum capital limit. However If you have less than the minimum capital limit you can still request to make a voluntary equity share.

7. Can I apply for housing if I am terminally ill?


8. Am I eligible for a home if I am retiring on medical grounds?


9. Will the Society provide me with a house instead of a bungalow?

The Society seeks to offer a property from its existing register of available houses,
bungalows and flats.

10. How much will the Society provide for me to purchase a house and how much do I contribute?

In general, the Society no longer buys properties, owing to the problems caused by the volatile housing market.

11. How much do I have to contribute if I want equity in the property?

In 2013/14, if you have joint (or as a single applicant) savings over £25,000 you will be expected to contribute towards the property. Please see equity share scheme for more details.

12. How do I apply?

Contact us