How to survive your summer

When the heat is on, so are the health risks as we get older. A new guide offers to help us survive the summer temperatures.


Published by Independent Age, Summer wise gives tips to help you cope in hot weather. It covers how to look after yourself, keeping your home cool and how to spot the signs of heat-related illness.

You can download Summer wise for free. Here is just some of the useful advice contained in this 28-page publication:

– drink more than usual in hot weather, even if you’re not thirsty, to replace fluids lost through sweating;

– you need to drink about eight glasses (two litres or three-and-a-half pints) spread throughout the day – more if it’s very hot;

– have cool drinks like water and diluted fruit juice, and limit the number of drinks with caffeine in them (tea, coffee, cola, etc);

– avoid excess alcohol and drinks that are high in sugar as these can dehydrate you;

– keep an eye out for the symptoms of dehydration (eg dizziness, thirst, headaches and tiredness).

Other practical advice includes – checking the weather forecast so you can plan ahead. The Met Office has a warning system if a heatwave is likely. Listen out for heatwave warnings on TV and radio, or check the Met Office website. You can also download the free Met Office weather app.


The booklet warns that air pollution can become worse during periods of hot weather. You can keep updated and get health advice and recommended action from UK-AIR.

Independent Age encourage us all to make sure we drink enough, even if we’re not thirsty, to replace fluids lost through sweating. Aim to drink about eight glasses of water or diluted fruit juice, spread throughout the day and evening – more if it’s very hot.